“Thank you for the inspiration and help. I’m 41 and came to you with debilitating sleep issues and after 4 visits you helped me realize the depth of my real issues with anger and helped me work through them. Now my sleeping and all aspects of my life are on the rise. I wish that I had found you sooner. Thanks!”

Chuck H., Biologist, Santa Fe, NM

“When I first came to Cathy, I had explored many options for sleep issues .I knew I needed to “cleanse my mind”. In my case, I could fall asleep, but I could not stay asleep. My brain tends to stay on overdrive. I think too much. After only a few sessions with Cathy . I’m less anxious about my sleep. I sleep better and usually wake rested. I am no longer taking any prescribed medications in order to sleep. By any metric, that is success.”

Derek M. Saunders, Entrepreneur, Law Student, Santa Fe, NM

“My sleep cycle became quite disturbed by a strong case of bronchitis so that I simply could not fall asleep, even after the coughing stopped. Fortunately, I found Cathy. After only two sessions and with the help of a recording she made especially for me, I now fall right to sleep.”

Tressa Hollander, Retired Teacher, Crestone, CO

“For many years I suffered from insomnia and non-obstructive sleep apnea. Following an unsuccessful attempt to get relief using a forced air system I met with Cathy for one session. Three days after meeting with Cathy I began sleeping steadily, comfortably and peacefully with an easy pattern of breathing. As a result of allowing me to sleep, the session with Cathy has increased my alertness and productivity and has improved my overall satisfaction with life. I give Cathy a strong recommendation.”

Greg White, Program Coordinator, Santa Fe, NM

Weight Loss

“Cathy’s open-hearted and soothing approach helped ease my transition out of unhealthy habits. I will be forever grateful for her constant support and caring.”

David Wannigman Radiological Engineer Los Alamos, NM

“Even though I knew at an intellectual level that I needed to lose weight, I could not find the motivation to begin. I sought out Cathy and her skills to help me find the reasons for that lack of motivation. I discovered that some core part of me was resisting the efforts of others to encourage me or even pressure me to lose weight. The first step was for ME to want to lose weight for ME. With that breakthrough, I was able to be in a personally motivated effort. Over the course of 9 months I have lost 35 pounds. Cathy is great. It worked for me.”

Civil Rights Lawyer Santa Fe, NM

Fears and Anxiety

“I saw Cathy a few years ago when I opened my new salon. I was nervous about having so much of my life invested in this venture, how would I be able to trust others with so much responsibility? Cathy retrained me to let go and trust! Two years later, my business is flourishing and I am happy in all facets of my life! Thank you Cathy!”

Beth Kendall, Salon Owner

“I found myself, after 27 years of being car-free in New York, Seattle and San Francisco, having to drive the freeways of New Mexico for work. And I discovered that I was very, very uncomfortable driving at 75 miles an hour. (The speed limit was 55 MPH the last time I drove.) As a matter of fact, the entire freeway experience was very unsettling–to say the least .I found Cathy Maier. Cathy is very thoughtful and a skilled professional and after one session with her I was able to drive on the freeway at 75 MPH feeling safe and successful. I am grateful to Cathy for offering such an effective, valuable service.”

Dom Cappello, Trainer, Instructional Designer, Santa Fe, NM

“For over twenty-five years I have had a fear of taking off in airplanes. My fear was of the plane lifting off on the runway but before it was fully airborne I feared the tail would hit the ground and break off. The day I saw Cathy I had suffered with stomach pains from nervousness all day and dreaded the flight I would have to take that night. The stomachache left me during the session and that night I flew. As the plane took off the fear never entered my mind. I didn’t even think of it until we were well off the ground. Days later I flew on my return flight and also experienced a calm take-off. I look forward to flying in the future without fear.”

Debbie Baker Los, Angeles, CA


“Before I went to Cathy I was traumatized, had a bad relationship with my parents, and wasn’t motivated. After only three sessions with her the relationship with my parents became so much better, I am now with a boyfriend who treats me great, I got an offer to model, and I began working out. She helped me overcome my trauma and made me realize what I really wanted in life. Thanks to her my life has become better and I now know that I am worth much more than I thought and that I deserve great things in my life no matter what happened in the past. Thank you Cathy.”

Kathy Vazquez, 17, Student, Santa Fe, NM


“The minute I met Cathy and walked into the calming space of her world, I knew I was in for a lovely experience. Cathy took time to listen to my conditions, so she could be fully aware of what my needs and wishes were. I explained about my diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, 10 months ago, affecting my right leg and foot. It is a neurological/nerve condition and is painful 24/7. In one session, Cathy was able to take me to a place where my pain level dropped from a 10 to a zero, and was able to give me the tools I needed. I have used the methods she taught me to not only relieve the pain, but to totally relax and sleep. Her gentle caring and knowledgeable approach is indeed what I would recommend to anyone.”

HM, Designer, Santa Fe, NM

“In February of 2010 I had emergency quadruple bypass surgery which at 56 was life changing, and a profound shock to me both physically and emotionally. Before this, I appeared quite healthy, exercising three times a week and being fit enough to regularly hike above 9000 feet and ride motorcycles across the US and Canada. My recovery after such an invasive surgery desperately needed a calming, centering component and working with Cathy proved to be powerful and immediate. Her work was essential to me, so that I was able to marshal my own inner strength to heal myself. I could not recommend her work more highly.”

H.N. Private Investor Santa Fe, NM

Study Habits

“I sought Cathy’s help overcoming poor study habits and finding the motivation to study as hard as I needed to. I am a medical student preparing for the most important test of my life, and I have been finding it very difficult to stay positive and learn all that is required of me. I feel like we accomplished a lot in only two sessions, and I hugely appreciate how much time she devoted to each. Cathy has helped bring out the best student in me and get on a path that I know will lead to the success I am capable of. She helped me modify my study habits and my entire attitude about learning. She gave me tools that I can use at any time to constantly improve aspects of my studying like time-management, drive, focus, and recall. Cathy makes it work by taking the time to understand her client. I now have tools to be successful in this year of school, but more importantly, to be able to be successful with so many challenges I will face in the future. I feel that Cathy is a wonderful practitioner, and I recommend her whole-heartedly.”

David Zucker, Medical Student, Tel Aviv-Yaffo, IL

Positive Changes

“I admit that when I first arrived to work with Cathy I was not convinced that what was about to happen would really have any tangible results. My doubts were dispelled after the very first session. I felt more positive and focused than I had felt in a very long time. And the feeling lasted as I found myself suddenly murmuring one of my positive suggestions, at all sorts of times and all in all sorts of places. This helped me to remind myself to hold on to that focus and rely on the positive power within me. I highly recommend Cathy Maier, whose deep care for others, exceptional insight and professional expertise add up to an essential experience for those who are serious about knowing themselves more fully.”

M.M., Journalist, Tel Aviv, IL

“I got four sessions with Cathy and they literally changed my life. I’d had certain recurring issues that talk therapy hadn’t been able to change. After the second session, I noticed the issues were just gone! I was amazed at the ease and speed of the results.”

Anthony Wood, Professional Photographer, Philadelphia, PA

“Cathy made me feel safe even though I knew I was going to explore new territories in my mind. Every session was different, unique and unforgettable. I felt like I was dusting off my insides, felt lighter, letting go of something that was holding me back. Five sessions with Cathy made me come face to face with my issues on a much deeper level than any other form I’ve tried. I feel like I know myself on a much deeper level, or on a different level and that connection makes me stronger. Thank you so much dear Cathy for your kindness, you are such a giver. Thank you for this experience, what an unforgettable journey.”

Mikki Reguer, Musician, Tel Aviv-Yaffo, IL

“I wanted to say how great Cathy Maier’s work was in changing my life. I started to see subtle shifts in the way my body was processing things and feeling. My feelings of anxiety, were much more subdued and I didn’t have so much negative thinking. The sessions helped me get to the core of the problem, which was causing me all of this distress. Her warmth and confidence, gentleness and safety, made me feel at ease. For the first time, I could really allow myself to open up and speak openly about things I never thought I could utter. So I highly recommend Cathy. Professional, experienced, and kind hearted – these are all the attributes a true healer should have and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Joshua G., Dr. of Oriental Medicine, Jerusalem, IL